Double Roller Crusher Price from China

Double Roller Crusher Price from China

Description :

Roller crusher for a mining machine,also known as in roller crusher,double roller crusher,is mainly used for ore crushing.This machine has a small size,large reduction ratio(5-8),low noise,simple structure,convenient maintenance benefits are uniforml...

Roller crusher for a mining machine,also known as in roller crusher,double roller crusher,is mainly used for ore crushing.This machine has a small size,large reduction ratio(5-8),low noise,simple structure,convenient maintenance benefits are uniformly crushed material size,over crushed,easy maintenance low,sensitive,safe and reliable overload.For coal,metallurgy,mining,chemicals,building materials and other industries more suitable for large-scale coal mines or coal preparation plant(including gangue)is broken.Large toothed crusher grinding roller,together with a reduction gear between the motor and the hydraulic coupling reducer,to avoid overloading power,protection overload sensor,safe and reliable.Gear adjustment of gap of hydraulic cylinders,lubrication of roller bearings spur.The optimization of the tooth design,selection of shear tensile grinding efficiency and low consumption,particles uniformly. 
Double roll crusher pay particular attention to the following points when the crusher:
1)To strengthen the work of iron ore.The unbroken(top of the welding of them)will fall between the damaged double roller crusher,resulting in parking accidents.Therefore,before the iron crusher should be installed.
2)viscous material space prone to clogging,clog failure processing must stop crushing processing performed do not overtake ore operation.
3)When processed material containing large bulk,global minerals would signal that the crushing space squeezed easily,to avoid injury or damage to the device.
4)double roller crusher operation after a long time,because the roll surface wear is large,will cause the product size too small,then the discharge port must adjust or repair the device.
5)Check to reinforce double roller crusher apparatus,lubricating the equipment for refueling time,maintaining a good state of lubricating device.
1,the series of roller crusher is mainly by the roller,roller bearing bearings,and adjusting the pressure portion of the device and a drive device and other components.
2,the particle size adjustment:between two rollers provided with a wedge adjustment or wedge means for the top,with a medium bolt adjustment wedge,when the adjusting bolt pulls up the wedge,Wedge movable from the top fixed wheel,that is,two spacing between the rollers becomes large,the particle size becomes large,when the wedge down,the moving roller pressing spring action in the two smaller gap,the Particle size becomes smaller.Shoring means to adjust the particle size is the size increasing or decreasing the amount or thickness of the joint,the increases of the joint when two separation between the rollers becomes large,while the reduction of the joint of two separation between the Rollers becomes smaller,the particle size becomes smaller.
3,the drive mechanism is composed of two motors,through the V-belt unit to the friction sheave roller,which rotates in the opposite direction.When the material is broken,the material by the rollers,and broken by lamination of the feed opening,the finished product is discharged from the chassis under crushed.
4,for safety,the security of presentation drive part must own the actual situation.

Technical Parameter:
Roller Diameter (mm)400450610700600
Roller Length (mm)250500400400800
Feeding Size (mm)≤25≤100≤80≤100≤130
Discharging Size (mm)2-86-608-305-308-125
Capacity (t/h)5-1020-5530-7030-10060-125
No. of Roller22222
Roller Speed (r/min)18064759550
Weight (t)
L×W×H (mm)1215×834×8302260×2200×7662235×1722×8104300×1200×12002780×3065×1310
Power (kw)2×5.52×112×152×18.52×22

Double Roller Crusher Price from China
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