Three-cylinder Dryer price for sale

Three-cylinder Dryer price for sale

Description :

Three rotary drum dryer improved the internal structure of the single-cylinder drying section of a single cylinder source,in order to increase the wet material in the machine before the drying of the wet material,and spread in The drying time of the ...

Three rotary drum dryer improved the internal structure of the single-cylinder drying section of a single cylinder source,in order to increase the wet material in the machine before the drying of the wet material,and spread in The drying time of the machine together with the joint,and a reasonable means moisturizers to make the drying capacity of the production compared to the original single cylinder dryer,increased by 50 to 80%,the unit of Volume evaporation intensity up to 120-180kg/m3,the consumption standard of coal only 6-8kg/t.Its advanced technology and reasonable operating parameters,operation is simple and feasible.
Three drum dryer works:
Material from the inner rotary drum feeder to obtain a drying downstream, the material inside constantly has a copy plate, heat exchange dispersed spiral movement, the material moves to the other end in the internal medium, drying in Against the current, the material is constantly repeated drying means, it is a step back two stages in the mode of operation forward to fully absorb the material in the middle both the inner drum emits heat but also absorb heat from the central roller While extending the drying time, the best material in this dry state. Material of the line at the other end and fall into the intermediate layer, the material has a rectangular moves the way multi-loop inside the outer drum, to obtain a fast drying effect moved to a discharge action of hot air Of the drum, the drying effect does not reach the wet material by its own weight can not travel fast, completely dry material in the rectangle copy board, thus completing the drying effects.
1,the material and the machine uses drying process downstream hot air,a wide range.It can accommodate a variety of clay drying of raw materials,coal,slag,iron powder,etc.,are also suitable for drying a variety of bulk materials,metallurgy,chemical industry and other sectors.Compact structure.Horizontally disposed machine,using the wheel support means,the size of the sprocket canceled and replaced by the intermediate gear,to facilitate the installation,,,the highest single most reliable operating rates.
2,the outer surface smaller than that of the machine to a dryer of a single rotating cylinder more than 30%,the outer cylinder and the inner cylinder has a heat insulating effect,the outer cylindrical surface of the low temperature,the loss of Heat at the same time energy efficient,greatly improved working conditions and working environment.
3,a variety of lifting plate design,lift plate and combination plate inclined lift of organic words,flue gas heat exchange with the material more fully,thereby reducing drying cylinder Of the body tunnel generating mechanism.
4,frequency control,cylinder speed control,water machine according to production requirements,the appropriate speed,to ensure that the next step is to meet the demand.Automatic temperature control system,which makes operation more convenient.
Technical Parameter:
Diameter of Outer Cylinder (m)Φ2.6Φ3Φ3.3Φ3.6
Length of Outer Cylinder (m)77.67.88
Rotary Speed (r/min)2~52~52~52~5
Dryer StypeDown Stream
Capacity (t/h)SlagGritSlagGritSlagGritSlagGrit
Original Moisture (%)1310131013101310
Finished Moisture (%)21212121
Highest Air Inlet Temperature (℃)≤ 900
Utter Temperature of Waste Gas (℃)70-80
Thermal Efficiency> 85%
Evaporation Intensity60-80Kg H2O/m3. h
Standard Coal Consumption (kg/t)6-86-86-85-8
Geared Motor ModelXWDY11-8180-35XWDY7.5-8175-35XWDY11-8180-35XWDY15-8195-47
Motor Power (kw)2×114×7.54×114×15

Main Parts

Technical Parameter:
Three Cylinder Rotary DryerKTH2.6×7mKTH3×7.6mKTH3.3×7.8mKTH3.6×8m
Fluidized Bed FurnaceKF2.7KF3.18KF3.69KF4.25
Blast BlowerDepends on Fluidized Bed Furnace
Dust CatcherHPC64-7HPC64-2×5HPC64-2×6HPC64-2×8
Dedusting and Draught FanDepends on Dust Catcher
Three-cylinder Dryer price for sale
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